Teaching and Student Programs....

Zoom Plaform and In-person

Drop-in Lessons:  


$55/45 minutes

Monthly Zoom Lessons

Scholarships and  reduced-tution programs are available for students who commit to weekly lessons on Zoom.

Student Internships

Paid internships available. Student workers are currenly able to work remotely from home.

Email in for info.

Edmonds Community College

Thank you for a wonderful 6 years! I am no longer teaching at Edmonds Community College. as of March 2019. Feel free to look me up at one of my other teaching locations.

Practice Effective Practicing

My students use "Better Practice App"'

I am now using it too. Look it up.

"The Art of Effective Practicing"

Dr. Peter Hamlin, Gonzaga U.

Handouts below from his presentation at WMEA, Feb. 12, 2016

Loaner Horns

are available for short term use by my students.


Here is a link to free, printable staff paper.

Students interested in is a great site listing opportunities

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